5 Cosplay Tips for Beginners

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For most of us, the cosplay event is quite fascinating. But if you are new to this phenomenon, know that it may seem complex to you. You may get nervous before the big day. Therefore, we have given a few tips below that can help you prepare for cosplay better.

1. Opt for a costume wisely

The first thing to keep in mind is to opt for a costume that interests you. For this, it’s better to create a list of options you can consider. You can collect ideas from your friends and family, for instance.

Aside from your personal preferences, consider something that will be comfortable for you to wear. It should not cause any pain to you while you are wearing it. For instance, you can get shorter heels but still look quite like your desired character. This way you will be kind on your feet.

2. Look for the right convention to attend

Your next move is to opt for the right location. Keep in mind that this selection will have an impact on the cost of food, accommodation, transport and tickets, to name a few. The price of convention tickets is between $15 per day and $700 per day, based on the category of the ticket and the convention you want to attend.

The length of the convention also varies. For instance, some cons last 24 hours, while others can be several days long. In general, big conventions can be overwhelming, while the shorter ones provide a chance to socialize.

3. Choose the right type of Make-up

If you can’t work on your looks, there will be no use of buying an expensive costume. Both your look and your cosplay should match. Stage make up is the best choice for this purpose, especially if your time is going to be spent on stage for most of the time.

Also, even if your character wears no makeup, you may still want to wear a little bit of makeup to ensure your face looks smooth with all the flaws hidden.

4. Get ready for the deadline

First of all, you should decide on your character. Next, you should be ready to make the deadline. Here is how you should do it. If possible, you may want to purchase everything you need at least 1 month before the big day.

The reason is that they will take at least two weeks to deliver everything you need. The next two weeks will be spent on working on the ordered supplies.

5. Get The supplies you may order

The types of supplies you may need for the event are listed below. However, this will give you a general idea of what you may need. So, the list doesn’t have a list of all of the required items:

Make-up and a good make-up remover
Hair supplies like wigs, toothcomb and pins
Sewing kits, safety pins
Hollywood tape, scotch tape and gaffer tape
Hot glue and adhesives
In short, these are some tips for beginners that can help you get the most out of your cosplay convention.


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